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Miray Kuzucu - Mirikku, Turkish born-raised artist, educated in Istanbul, Berlin, Milan, Seoul, focuses on capturing a relationship in-between fashion and human experience in her work.

Her curiosity about diversity of cultures and ethnics, reflects as genre on her mix-media works.


She believes that every items in our lives give a voice a story, a feeling and a vision. Her protagonists helps her to reflect her stories which comes from her insights of experience and relationships .


Mirikku believes that fashion is one of the strongest starting point of where humans use It as a reflection of their inner-selves, as who they truly became or who they wanna become.

Her experiences makes her to realize, transparency comes with confidentiality, trust and embracing diversity. This makes her to elaborate a smooth relationship with collaborates and agencies she works.


After she worked for commercial-advertising agencies more than 5 years as a director-assistant and camera-woman, she reboot herself as a freelancer fashion photographer and videographer.

Vibrant colors and extravagant objects that she uses ,becomes her signature in time.

Lately she started to focus on her creative-direction and styling skills for her projects.


In 2017 Mirikku and her business-partner Tutu founded the fashion brand ‘TOOMUCH’ with the purpose of creating fashion for festivals, parties, sports-chic wear for worldwide citizen. TOOMUCH inspired by a combination of creative thoughts, fun times, and unique styles.


Mirikku wants to empower her audience imaginations and influence them to finding true-selves like a koi-fish.




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